Welcome to Cooking for the Cause
Where teenagers can help those in need by cooking!!

Cooking for the Cause is a small organization of high school students who want to help disadvantaged people through cooking. We also provide advice relating to cooking/baking techniques and fundamentals.

What We Do
Members of Cooking for the Cause will participate in monthly local fundraisers, where we will have "tastings" of our homemade food and baked goods — all available for sale. We will change the culinary focus of our tastings each month, often to fit the seasons and holidays. The proceeds go to charity; the purchaser can choose which charity to support. By cooking high quality foods, we are able to sell them for a little more money than a traditional bake sale, raising that much more for charity. Each of our causes are carefully selected (click here to view them.)

About Us
Cooking for the Cause and this site is operated by Spencer, who loves to cook. He has been cooking for several years, working to develop his skills. Cooking is his passion and he feels obligated to put it to good use by helping other people (as well as enjoying himself in the process).